Water Restoration

 24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration

When disaster strikes, we can handle all of your needs from drying out your attic to your crawl space and everything in between, including cabinets, walls and of course carpet!

We use highly specialized equipment to get to all of the hard to reach places. We have certified technicians to ensure that the job is getting back to pre-flood condition as quickly as possible.

Give us a call! We will be happy to assist you when a disaster strikes, whether it be daytime, the middle of the night, a weekend or a holiday. We pride ourselves on having a 1 to 2 hour response time for any disaster that occurs. We well do everything humanly possible to make this stressful time easier for you!

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General Steps That we take to preserve your property:

(1) Scope & Evaluate the damage. This is going into the affected area & inspecting the damage that the water caused with your floors, ceilings and walls.

(2) Extract the Water This is getting out all of the standing water with a high power truck mount vacuum.

(3) Apply Biocide. This chemical is used to prevent the growth of bacteria & funji.

(4) Install whatever Drying Equipment is needed. We evaluate the size of the affected area, then determine how much & what type of drying equipment we need to use in order to remove all the moisture from the area.

(5) Daily Monitoring of the affected area. We come in daily with moisture & humidity meters & take readings to determine how effective the drying process is proceeding & make adjustments if needed.

(6) Clean & Deodorize the Carpet We go to the customer’s home to clean & deodorize the affected area

(7) We always work with your Insurance Adjuster but our loyalty rides with you, our customer.

Keep in mind that every job is totally different and these steps are general, basic steps that we take to insure a safe, healthy environment. Our main goal is to limit the loss so weeks or months later secondary water damage does not occur. This can occur when items in a non affected area is damaged due to high humidity levels in the structure due to the wrong drying equipment being used.

Do’s & Don’t’s for Water Restoration:

(1) Stay calm! Call True Clean Carpet Care & Restoration Specialists immediately!
(2) Is the water shut off? Has the plumber been there yet? Turn off breakers & unplug devices in the affected area.
(3) Move the furniture off the carpet so staining does not occur.
(4) Have you called you Home Owner’s Insurance Agent Yet?

(1) Use your vacuum cleaner.
(2) Put newspaper on the floor to walk on. Ink from the newsprint will stain the carpet.
(3) Walk on the wet carpet any more than necessary. Our technican is certified in Water Restoration. We have all the restoration equipment needed to handle any type of water disaster, no matter how big or small!