Carpet Cleaning

We use truck mount equipment for our Carpet Cleaning which makes it not necessary to use customer electricity. We use a hot water extraction method for cleaning your Carpet. This system uses soft water so it is very gentle on your carpet. The big advantage to using truck mount equipment is there is no cleanup. All water, dirt & other residue is removed from your home or business as the carpet is cleaned, leaving only a fresh & clean carpet.

7 steps to the Ultimate Cleaning experience
(1) Our technican will inspect your carpet for the best cleaning method.
(2) Pre-treat all spots & stains
(3) Move furniture
(4) Extract carpet with hot water & cleaning solution
(5) Difficult stains will be retreated & extracted a second time
(6) Place furniture on protective blocks or plastic taps to keep furniture from staining your carpet
(7) Groom the carpet so the fibers have a nice, even appearance